Barry’s Irish Breakfast

One of my “go-to” morning teas is Barry’s Irish Breakfast Tea.  It’s a good, solid breakfast tea that I always, of course, drink with sugar and milk or cream.  The boxes are a decent size and seem to last quite awhile (at least for me).

Barry’s started as a family business in Cork, Ireland in 1901.  What’s nice is they’ve always kept ties to their Irish heritage and still support may community projects in Ireland.  In 1960, Barry’s tea pioneered the concept of wholesaling tea and began to source from East Africa. These new blends became their signature taste. Since then they’ve added a few varieties including fruit and herbal and green teas.

As I mentioned in my first post on this site, one of the things I love about tea is how it slows down time and creates a sense of comfort.  While researching some of the background of Barry’s I discovered they now have a mindfulness podcast for seven days. What a lovely idea!

And if you’d like to buy a box of Barry’s… you can find them at World Market (which is where I usually buy it) or online.


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