Tea spoon

One of my favorite recent purchases that would fall under “favorite accoutrements” is my tea spoon that I purchased on Etsy from a seller that goes by ThePaperSpoon4U. It’s so adorable and has become my go-to spoon on Saturday mornings when I love to relax and either watch an episode of Gilmore Girls or reading a book while drinking my tea.  It has the most adorable saying, “Drink tea. Read books. Be happy.”  This has seriously become a mantra of my life.

And I also love quality sellers.  Being a milliner who sells on Etsy, I appreciate and respect other makers who sell on Etsy and maintain a high quality to their products, shipping times, and packaging.  So, if you want to collect some pieces for your tea drinking, don’t hesitate to check out her shop!

*Image is ©ThePaperSpoon4U

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