“Taboo” Tea Lover’s Gift Guide

So I’ve been watching Tom Hardy’s “Taboo”  on FX and not only being a costume lover, and let’s face it, a Tom Hardy lover, the art direction of the show really draws me in to the period incredibly well.  So if you are a tea lover, or know a tea lover who is also really into the show, I thought I’d create a gift guide inspired by the show.  Enjoy!

East India Company Tea

First of all, we need to start with some loose leaf tea. And after being intrigued by the amazing power that the East India Trading Company once had I began to wonder whether they’re still around.  Well, yes, they are!


If you want to go along with the theme of the show you can either purchase a very British tea like the Royal Breakfast or you can purchase a tea from Africa like the Cape Colony Honybos.

China Tea Set

Next you’ll need a set of Fine Bone China… and because nothing in the show is really light, airy and feminine, I decided to pick a more masculine and utilitarian design like the Blowden Bone China Tea Set.


The teapot is a classic English shape, and the cups have large enough handles for even Tom Hardy’s rough and grisly fingers to fit into.

Ovalware Stainless Steel Kettle

Whether drinking tea at home, on a shipping vessel or while camping in the Victorian wilderness, you’ll need a proper kettle to heat your water to the proper temperature.  Of course, you’ll need something durable, so stainless steel is the way to go.  Try this rough and rugged kettle that even has a gooseneck spout.


Skull Tea Spoon

And of course, no delicate tea spoons for our man Tom Hardy.  So check out this oh so very Goth tea spoon  by CraftLinds from the UK and available on Etsy.


19th Century Top Hat

You’ll also need to dress properly, so before I offer top hats in my Baubles & Whatnots shop (yes! they are coming soon!) of course the next best thing is the REAL thing and to get an antique top hat.  I fell in love with this one on Etsy available by SearchEndsHere.


The Corporation that Changed the World by Nick Robins

And finally, because what goes better with a cup of tea then a good book?  How about learning even more about the East India Trading Company by reading The Corporation that Changed the World?


Now you’ll be properly fitted to have a Taboo tea! If you could only actually get Tom Hardy to show up… that would be as fine as fine tea gets.

Enjoyed this post?  Have another idea for a themed tea-related gift list for the future?  Contact me here.

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