British Tea Subscription

I recently did some research into finding a tea subscription service so that I could find some new teas that I might not discover otherwise. Well, I saw one advertised that of course piqued the interest of not only the tea lover, but also the Anglophile in me. It’s called Tea Time Club and is by

There are three subscription options available:subscription-options

It took a month or two after I initially subscribed, as it’s a brand new service, to receive my first box, but I’m very happy to say it didn’t disappoint!

The first box was their “Scottish Teatime” box, and after being in Scotland a couple of years ago and having tea in Glasgow, it was wonderful to sip those memories back to mind.

First of all, the packaging is really adorable.  The box has a cute pink label.  And inside all of the items were wrapped in tissue paper tied in a pink ribbon.  A card with a description of what’s included in the box had a pretty photo of a Scottish seaside coast. Being a professional designer, I definitely appreciated all of these great details!


There were four small individually packaged (and sealed) of loose leaf teas.  Included were:

  • Scottish Breakfast Blend
  • Ginger Pick Me Up
  • Classic Assam
  • Rooibos Rhubarb Crumble

Also included were four small packages of different flavored shortbreads:

  • Chocolate Chip
  • Raspberry & White Chocolate
  • Butter & Crumbly
  • Vanilla & Walnut

To make the tea, a small package of tea bags to brew the loose leaf teas was also included in the package.


So far I’ve had three cups of the Scottish Breakfast Blend which is dark and delicious and a great “wake-me-up” tea in the morning. Very bold flavor, which I enjoyed.  I’ve also had a cup of the Rooibos Rhubarb Crumble which is a delicious treat in the afternoon. Fruity  and flavorful. It hit all the right notes as a nice pick-me-up on a gloomy Winter’s day at work.

I look forward to receiving future boxes based on this box! If they keep up the quality and packaging I know I won’t be disappointed!

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