Mother’s Day Tea Presents

Have a mom who loves tea and not sure what to get her for Mother’s Day 2018? I’ve listed some options below for your shopping pleasure…

Mother’s Day Tea Sampler by Spice Expressions
If you’re not sure what kind of tea your mom drinks, a sampler is a great gift. And it’s always a great way for people to find new favorites!


Humorous Tea Socks
If your mom (or wife who is a mom) has a sense of humor, these are a great and funny gift!


Tea Sampler Gift Set
If your mom is all about aesthetics and presentation, this is a gorgeous set of vials filled with a variety of teas. Lovely!


Tea Lover Wish Bracelet
What an adorable little charm for your tea-loving mama!



Tea Towel Gift Set
Of course every tea drinking mother needs a new set of tea towels from time to time.  And these are very cute with sweet and happy sayings to brighten her mood.



“There’s Always Time for Tea” Kitchen Sign
If your mom has recently redone her kitchen and needs a charming little sign, what a sweet piece for her wall!



Tea Time Relaxation Music Courtesy of Blank & Jones
And finally, some relaxation music to take away the worries of everyday life… get mom The Best of Blank & Jones. Chill out to some of the most lovely electronic music that’s worth digging no matter your age.


Hope these make your shopping a teeny bit easier! If you have any gift suggestions please feel free to contact me!

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