August Uncommon Tea

Some targeted Instagram advertising worked on me recently… to great success. Discovered a new brand of tea that is quickly becoming a favorite brand! It’s called August Uncommon Tea. They’re located in Los Angeles, CA (USA) and have a great variety of teas that live up to the “uncommon” label.  Those that follow me, know that I lean toward preferring smoky teas… and in this category they don’t disappoint.  You might see their listing of teas and feel like you must be at some Brooklyn hipster speakeasy… but I’m fine with that! Because the teas look and taste fresh (not like they’ve been sitting in a can somewhere on a shelf for years, but actually being made in small batches and dispensed by hand.

I purchased four different teas from their online shop.

  • Cult of Demeter: Silky Organic Cocoa Barley and Anise
  • Silencio: Spicy Black Tea with Tobacco & Pineapple Notes
  • Outlaw: Bold Black Tea with Smoke and Black Fruit
  • Metropolitan: Vibrant Black Tea with Bergamot, Plum and Clove

I have to say, I’ve tried them all and none of them disappointed! I think (at the moment) my favorite is the Silencio.  After having quite a bit of plain smoky teas, I appreciated the balance of the smokiness with the sweet (of the pineapple).  It’s great for both morning and afternoon as a pick-me-up.

All the teas I purchased were loose leaf, but since my purchase a couple of weeks ago, they now have added bagged teas to their site as well.

I know a lot of people aren’t comfortable putting their faith into buying a larger amount of one tea without sampling first, so they do also offer some samplers.

*Also, of note, they offer free shipping for purchases over $14 (great deal!) and a coupon pops up when you first visit their site so I’d recommend taking advantage of both!


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