About Me

I am a milliner who has an online shop called Baubles & Whatnots as well as a full-time web/graphic designer. I truly have a love of tea and all of it’s accoutrements.

Though I live in the Chicago area, I try to go to afternoon tea every time I travel so I will post information from not only the Chicago area, but also worldwide! I find going to afternoon tea a magical experience, so I try to go as often as possible.

I also can’t start my day without a cup of tea, so on this blog I will post about teas I’ve tried and liked, tried and disliked, etc.

Also, while shopping for tea accoutrements so I will post items I find, buy, try, etc.  So follow my posts to see what I find!

And finally, because of my love for tea, I want to learn more about it! So I will also post stories about the history of tea, how to properly brew tea, and anything else about tea that I find worth sharing!

So join me on my exploration of ALL THINGS TEA!